The Big Brother 19 House – First Impressions

For the first time in years, I actually love almost everything about the house, and there’s nothing I absolutely hate. Instead of looking like the same old house with different wallpaper and decorations, the BB19 house looks noticeably different and much more expensive. It actually took me a minute to figure out which part of the house I was looking at in any given picture. Except the bathroom and the kitchen, of course. Those tend to be pretty obvious.

The house looks a bit like some of the BB houses in international editions, in my opinion, which I love. It’s fresh, bright, interesting, and eye-catching. Instead of getting dizzy looking at some of the rooms, I find myself wanting to see more of them. Though, admittedly, a few do make me slightly dizzy this year, but nothing like last year’s Tokyo room.

Keep reading for more photos and some of my thoughts.