BB Diaries Glossary

Here at Big Brother Diaries, you’ll occasionally see phrases we like to use to refer to common or memorable houseguest behavior. See below for definitions of these phrases.

Amberpocalypse – A houseguest relentlessly pursuing another, clearly uninterested houseguest, resulting in negative consequences for the latter HG, such as nomination or eviction. Inspiration: BB16’s Caleb pursuing Amber, effectively ruining Amber’s game

Cody Complex – A houseguest making a ride-or-die deal with a stronger player to whom they’re sure to lose against in the final two. Inspiration: Cody from BB16 choosing eventual winner Derrick over Victoria, whom Cody surely would have beaten

Dan Domination – A houseguest who will likely end up on a list of the greatest Big Brother players of all time. Inspiration: Dan Gheesling, the winner of BB10 and the runner-up of BB14

Good and Evel – A houseguest who manages to be a villain and yet exhibit masterful and successful game-play. Inspiration: Evel Dick, winner of BB8 and briefly a houseguest on BB13.

James’ Jackpot – A houseguest who seems to be more interested in winning America’s Favorite Player than winning $500,000. Inspiration: James from BB17 and BB18

Nicole’s Nap-a-thon – A houseguest whose strategy mainly consists of spending the summer in bed. Likely to be in a showmance. Inspiration: Nicole from BB16 and BB18

Paul Paradox – 1.) A houseguest initially disliked by many fans before ultimately becoming a fan favorite. 2.) A houseguest who is sometimes offensive but somehow still likeable to most people. Inspiration: Paul from BB18

More to be added soon…