Big Brother 19 – Thoughts on the First Few Weeks

A full three weeks of the game are in the books, and I’m absolutely loving this season so far, even though I can’t stand a couple of the HGs (take a wild guess). Read on for my thoughts.

Cody Big Brother 19

Cody is one of those HGs I can’t stand. I knew from his interview with Jeff that I wouldn’t like him, but he took it to a whole new level. Between his creepy stares, idiotic plans, betrayals, lies, and general attitude, he’s just not someone I like watching. That said, he does make for great drama on the feeds. I’m sure he’ll be the one to come back if the Battle Back does indeed happen, and it’ll be interesting to see the fallout if that happens. I don’t buy it for a second that he wants to work with Paul if he comes back into the house, though. Hopefully Christmas didn’t buy it either when he told her that.


Ah, the second HG I can’t stand. I’m really curious to see what Jessica will be like after Cody is evicted. Without someone to cling to, literally and figuratively, will she fall apart or come into her own?

Paul’s HOH-itis

I still love Paul, and I don’t hate that he’s back on the show (though I do hope someone else wins), but he definitely has a bad case of HOH-itis happening. He claims he’s going to sit back a bit after his reign is over, and I’m hoping that’s the case, because know-it-all Paul isn’t the Paul we know and love. Well, most of us love him. He’s definitely still polarizing, just as he was last year.

Kevin Big Brother 19
Two Favorites and One Annoyance

Right now, I’m loving Kevin. Anyone who can make even Cody laugh is definitely someone special. I can see him going pretty far, if only because the people in the house need some entertainment, and he’s the best source of that. Though with Alex starting to realize that he actually was the one who flipped and voted to evict Jillian, he needs to be more careful than he was before.

I like Alex a lot too, at least when she’s being smart. I think she’s in a great position right now, and I can see her possibly winning the game. She’s an underdog and a bit of a dark horse, but she’s intelligent, knows how to get people to trust her, and understands that no one is 100% trustworthy.

Jason is starting to drive me nuts with his wavering. He seems to think he knows exactly what’s going on, but he can’t even seem to listen to his most trusted ally, Alex, when she’s trying to help him. If he gets his head on straight, I might start to like him more.

Christmas and Jessica Fight on Big Brother 19
The Jessica/Christmas Blowup

Talk about a great reaction after Jillian’s eviction. I loved how Christmas basically just stood there and let Jessica go off on her, which did nothing but dig Jessica’s future grave even deeper. I hate how Jessica moves her hands and head when she argues like she’s some wannabe gangster. It’s hard to take her seriously or to be intimidated by her when she acts like that.

The Josh/Jessica/Cody Fight

Poor Josh. I’m still not a fan of the guy, and from Cody and Jessica’s point-of-view, he did turn on them. But I did think Cody and Jessica took it a little too far when they were fighting with him and insulting him, calling him a bitch and a little girl. As annoying as Josh can be, it’s never good to see someone cry that hard. My heart went out to him in that moment, and my view of Cody and Jessica only got worse.

The Ve-toads

It’s not much of a “curse,” really, but I do like seeing Jessica, Cody, and Jason dressed up as Ve-toads. I wish BB would call them out or give them penalty votes and noms when they’re not following the rules (e.g. Jessica not wearing the headpiece correctly, lots of walking around instead of hopping, and not staying on the lily pads when necessary), as it would make the curse even funnier, and fair, for that matter.

The Veto Drama

I understand why Paul wanted Ramses to throw the veto comp, and as a viewer, I knew Paul could be trusted, but I also think Paul overreacted a bit to Ramses not throwing the veto comp. Ramses knows the show well enough to know that if you have the opportunity to win the veto while you’re on the block, you should go for it. Do I think Ramses can be trusted? Nah, not really. But do I think it should’ve been as big of a deal as it ended up being? Definitely not.

What I Wish Would Stop

  • Lip-smacking make-out sessions on the feeds with Marlena and Jody
  • Dominique’s “talk show”
  • Jason’s wavering
  • Paul’s “this is day 20 for you and day 119 for me” type of statements
  • Jessica straddling Cody so often

What I Want to Continue

  • Kevin’s stories and jokes
  • Paul being smart (when he’s not overdoing it)
  • Maven’s friendship-esque showmance (a weird match, but no lip-smacking make-outs that I’ve seen)
  • Cody being enemy #1, even if he comes back
  • Drama on the feeds

What I Wish They’d Add

  • Live DRs, like on Over the Top
  • Very specifically, the Pressure Cooker comp from BB6, one of my all-time favorite comps

Keep it Up, BB

Obviously there have been moments where we’ve seen production’s influence on the game, which is something I’m never a fan of. But in general, I really like this season a lot. It’s definitely better than the last few seasons, in my opinion, even though there’s a vet in the mix who happens to be a very good player. I’m excited to see where the season goes from here.

Photo and GIFs ©CBS; Cody GIF from giphy

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