Drama, Drama, Drama

Here I was, planning to post every day, especially at the beginning of the season. Usually live feeds are pretty calm with no huge moves being made (or attempts at making them, at least). I think this year might hold the record for the most drama so early in the game. With a self-evict, a massive betrayal, an injury, switching sides, and lots of campaigning, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the feeds long enough to post anything. With what’s sure to be a short lull in game conversations, I’m taking my chance now.It’s hard to know how to begin talking about everything that happened, so the best way might be by topic.

Megan Self-Evicts

I, like many others, was surprised to have the feeds start and have Megan be gone. I’m always disappointed at people even threatening to quit a game that so many people would love to play. That said, I do feel bad for her and the way she was treated. She should’ve kept her mouth shut about the “panda” thing (which some viewers claim to have heard, but I didn’t), but I can see how “Pao Pao” might have sounded like “panda.” Still, I wish she tried to stick it out. It’s hard to see someone like Cameron be evicted only for someone to quit so soon after.

The Showmances

Ugh. I’m so not a fan of showmances. For one thing, I think they’re just a big mistake – they almost always make both people a target. And for another thing, I hate when the live feeds switch from game talk or some kind of entertainment to show only the showmances making out.

Cody Flips

What. An. Idiot. Turning on Paul and Christmas so soon when you have a group of nine people all on the same page, and they’re two of those people? That would’ve been bad enough. Blindsiding literally every other person, ensuring that they turn on you? Pure stupidity. And then to go on for days talking about loyalty and how the others are traitors who can’t stay true to their word is almost offensive. Not only did he make a massive mistake, but he (and Jessica) also doesn’t understand that he caused this. The others in the group didn’t owe him or Jess anything after what they did. Cody turned out to be an unlikable, cocky hypocrite who mistakenly thinks he’s brilliant. Cody is right up there with Paulie on my list of least favorite HGs ever, just as I expected he would be.

Christmas’ Injury

Poor Christmas. First she gets stabbed in the back, then she hurts her foot and comes back on crutches with her leg in a sort-of cast. And to top it off, Jason, who directly caused the injury, isn’t planning to vote to keep her? Seems to me like the least he can do is throw her a pity vote. I’m glad Christmas is at least trying to tough it out, and I’m hoping the results of her MRI on Wednesday mean she can definitely stay and keep playing.

Mark’s Indecisiveness

I go back and forth between liking Mark a lot and wanting to chain him to Dominique’s side so he can keep his head on straight. The fact that he trusted Cody and wanted to support him so much after what he did blows my mind. Thank God for Dominique keeping him on the right path to vote to evict Jillian and realize Cody can’t be trusted.


This is mainly about Paul, Alex, and Jason. In terms of Paul, I love the guy and he’s still one of my all-time favorites, but I wish he would try to calm down a little bit when he’s trying to convince Alex and Jason of things. He’s super intelligent, and the stuff he says is so on-point, but his delivery isn’t always the best. It’s entertaining to me, but I worry it’ll push other HGs away.

As for Alex and Jason, I’m sort of in awe that neither of them realize that Paul is making sense. Cody nominated Alex and didn’t actually save Jason, but made it seem like he did, even though Cody was saying for days before the veto ceremony that he had a big plan. If Cody has Alex and Jason’s backs now, I think it’s purely because he has no one else other than Jess. Even then, I think he’s using them more than anything else. There’s a ton of evidence right in their faces, and neither of them are absorbing it, which makes it super frustrating to even listen to them talk game.


This gem of a human deserves his own quick little section. He’s just as kooky as I expected him to be, and I love it. Whenever I need a break from how oblivious Alex and Jason are, or can’t listen to Cody talk about how great he is anymore, I always look for Kevin first and know I’ll get some entertainment. I hope he sticks around for a while, because he’s feeds gold.

I think that about sums up my main thoughts so far, but I will just add that I’m totally on Team Keep-Christmas-and-go-after-Jess-and-Cody. That seems to be the general consensus from what I’ve seen, but much like the Jamboree and the Ball Smashers on OTT, each side has its supporters. I’m excited to see how things play out, and am keeping my fingers crossed that Christmas sticks around.

Back to spending my days on the live feeds. Until next time…

Photo ©CBS, found on moviefone.com

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