Thoughts on the Big Brother 19 Premiere

Ah, it’s been too long since I heard Julie say “But first…” and it was great to hear it again. I’ve heard some mixed opinions on the season so far (not like it’s easy to tell exactly how it’s going to be right now after only one episode), and I think my opinions fall somewhere in middle of those opinions.

Just a quick, probably unnecessary warning: if you haven’t watched the premiere yet and are spoiler-averse, you may want to avoid reading this for now.First off, I’ll say I’m still excited for this season and have high hopes. I didn’t want any returnees, but if anyone had to return, I’m glad it was Paul. I still get annoyed every time I see the clip of Nicole winning BB18. Paul played a way better game, hands down, and if someone has to get thrown in for a second chance, I think he’s more than deserving.

That said, I don’t love how production made sure he’d have safety and so much power. I’m glad he’ll be sticking around for at least a few weeks (assuming he gets Pendant of Protection temptation), but it would be nice to see him have to really compete right away.

As for the Temptation Twists, I really like them so far. I don’t think the consequence was too terrible for Kevin not being able to win the first HoH, as most smart HGs try to avoid winning that one anyway. The Safety twist where Paul got to keep 8 HGs safe wasn’t great, but at least he didn’t get to choose the nominees altogether. I got some good laughs watching his reactions to certain HGs attempts to woo him, too.

I would have loved to see Cameron, Christmas, and Jillian compete to decide who would be evicted, but can understand why Christmas opted for a vote instead. Poor Cameron, though. I didn’t love him, but it would’ve been nice to see a big fan of the show stick around a little longer. I would’ve rather had Jillian be evicted, and from what I’ve seen, that seems to be a relatively popular opinion.

As I expected, some of my opinions of the HGs changed:

  • Alex – Not terrible, definitely stronger than I thought she would be in that safety comp, but she is somewhat annoying.
  • Christmas – I still like her a lot, and think she’ll be a big threat. She looked totally solid in the safety comp, and I think it was smart of her to jump off to avoid becoming a bigger target.
  • Jason – Better than I expected. He’s less annoying than I thought he was initially, and seems like a good guy.
  • Matt – Not much of a change here. I still like him and think he can do pretty well.
  • Cody – I didn’t like him at all, and now I like him even less. I love a good “villain,” but something about him just creeps me out.
  • Mark – Still love him. He’s definitely one of my favorites so far.
  • Kevin – Still kooky, still not sure if I like him or if he’s going to start getting on my nerves.
  • Megan – I liked her a little less after this episode. Hopefully she’ll calm down a bit and become more likable. If not, I can see her being evicted pre-jury.
  • Josh – Ugh. Still ugh. Enough said.
  • Raven – She’s growing on me. She’s not my favorite, but definitely not my least favorite.
  • Jillian – Still awkward. Still feel bad for her.
  • Ramses – Not much of a change here either. I still find him a little big annoying and too hyperactive, but he had a few more promising moments.
  • Elena – I still like her, but all I can remember her doing is giving Paul a cheese sandwich. Hey, it worked, I guess.
  • Jessica – She’s currently the most forgettable person to me. Not terrible and I don’t dislike her. She’s just not particularly memorable.
  • Dominique – I don’t mind her, but I couldn’t quite get enough of a vibe from her for my opinion to change either way.
  • Cameron – Poor guy. I wasn’t a fan, but he was definitely gone too soon.

I was going to add Paul to that list, but decided not to since I didn’t include him in my first impressions post. I wasn’t sure if the rumors of his return were true, and because of BB18, I’ve obviously had way more than just a first impression of him. He was my favorite on BB18, and I still love him now. I’m hoping he hasn’t changed too much and stays just as likable.

Overall, I’m still optimistic about this season, and am excited to see where it goes from here.

Don’t forget to watch part two of the two-night premiere tonight on CBS. And make sure you’re signed up for the feeds, which go live tonight after the show!

Photo ©CBS

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