The Big Brother 19 House – First Impressions

For the first time in years, I actually love almost everything about the house, and there’s nothing I absolutely hate. Instead of looking like the same old house with different wallpaper and decorations, the BB19 house looks noticeably different and much more expensive. It actually took me a minute to figure out which part of the house I was looking at in any given picture. Except the bathroom and the kitchen, of course. Those tend to be pretty obvious.

The house looks a bit like some of the BB houses in international editions, in my opinion, which I love. It’s fresh, bright, interesting, and eye-catching. Instead of getting dizzy looking at some of the rooms, I find myself wanting to see more of them. Though, admittedly, a few do make me slightly dizzy this year, but nothing like last year’s Tokyo room.

Keep reading for more photos and some of my thoughts.


The entryway with its giant tree sculpture seems so fresh and different than the entryways of recent years. It’s a great hint at the “temptation” theme of the summer.

Dining Room/Kitchen
Dining Room/Kitchen
Dining Room/Kitchen

A few subtle changes made the kitchen look a lot different to me. I love that the cabinets look like real kitchen cabinets, and the curved counter really opens up the space. It’s not the most luxurious kitchen, but it’s a nice change!

The dining table is so bright, and I love the color palette. I do think it has the potential to get a bit headache-inducing, though once the table is cleared off, I think it’ll be a little less busy-looking.

Living Room

I love the living room. The giant words on the wall make the room like so much bigger than I ever thought it was (and probably than it actually is). It looks like a place the HGs might actually want to hang out, which will be great to add some variety to the live feeds.

HoH Room
HoH Room
HoH Room

The HoH room seems very Gatsby-esque to me, and the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s a lot of gold, but it’s definitely a step up from the last HoH room, in my opinion. I hope the safety deposit boxes are used in some way, even if just for storage.


The bathroom is a room I think people will either love or hate in terms of looks. Personally, I love it and think it’s the best the bathroom has looked in years. It’s luxurious, just like much of the rest of the house. The couch makes it almost like another lounge area, and I really like all the mirrors on the walls.


This is the one room I’m not completely sold on yet, but it may grow on me. The couch is super cool, but something about the color combination and the hundreds of apples makes me a little unsure how I feel about it. Obviously the apples are a great way to bring the theme of “temptation” into another room, but they’re somewhat distracting. Hopefully the HGs will be interesting enough to pull my attention away from the apples. Anyone else think a future comp might ask them how many apples are on the walls in here, or in the house in general?

Upstairs Lounge

I love the updates to the upstairs lounge. I like seeing HGs up here on the live feeds, but in recent seasons, it seems like they’ve been more into hanging out elsewhere. I think they’ll be more likely to relax upstairs this season, especially when they don’t have access to the backyard.

Upstairs Hallway

I wasn’t a fan of BB18’s and OTT’s upstairs hallway decor, so this is a welcome change. I like that it makes the space feel more open, and it has a luxurious feel like the rest of the house does.

Backyard Lounge

The backyard is pretty standard and doesn’t look a whole lot different, but I’m okay with that. I like the switch to swan and cherry (or are they meant to be more apples with really long stems? Kidding. Sort of.) floaties this year instead of last year’s floaties, and I like the look of the lounge area as well.

More Apple Decor

More apple decor, with three glass apples on the table and another apple tree sculpture, this time on the spiral staircase. I wonder how quickly the HGs caught on to the theme of “temptation” after walking into the house. I’m guessing at least one just thought someone really liked apples.

Want to see more? Click here to see Julie Chen’s tour of the house, and be sure to watch BB19 and sign up for the live feeds!

What do you think of the house? Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between?

Photos ©CBS

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