Drama, Drama, Drama

Here I was, planning to post every day, especially at the beginning of the season. Usually live feeds are pretty calm with no huge moves being made (or attempts at making them, at least). I think this year might hold the record for the most drama so early in the game. With a self-evict, a massive betrayal, an injury, switching sides, and lots of campaigning, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the feeds long enough to post anything. With what’s sure to be a short lull in game conversations, I’m taking my chance now.

Thoughts on the Big Brother 19 Premiere

Ah, it’s been too long since I heard Julie say “But first…” and it was great to hear it again. I’ve heard some mixed opinions on the season so far (not like it’s easy to tell exactly how it’s going to be right now after only one episode), and I think my opinions fall somewhere in middle of those opinions.

Just a quick, probably unnecessary warning: if you haven’t watched the premiere yet and are spoiler-averse, you may want to avoid reading this for now.

The Big Brother 19 House – First Impressions

For the first time in years, I actually love almost everything about the house, and there’s nothing I absolutely hate. Instead of looking like the same old house with different wallpaper and decorations, the BB19 house looks noticeably different and much more expensive. It actually took me a minute to figure out which part of the house I was looking at in any given picture. Except the bathroom and the kitchen, of course. Those tend to be pretty obvious.

The house looks a bit like some of the BB houses in international editions, in my opinion, which I love. It’s fresh, bright, interesting, and eye-catching. Instead of getting dizzy looking at some of the rooms, I find myself wanting to see more of them. Though, admittedly, a few do make me slightly dizzy this year, but nothing like last year’s Tokyo room.

Keep reading for more photos and some of my thoughts.

The Big Brother 19 Houseguests – First Impressions

After reading some other opinions on the HGs, I’ve noticed that some of my impressions of them differ slightly. You very well may disagree with me completely – and that’s awesome! My opinions tend to change throughout the season as people show their true colors, so who knows? Maybe in a week I’ll be agreeing with you.

Read on for my thoughts on this year’s HGs. My opinions are more about them as people rather than their planned strategies, simply because those strategies change so often that after a few days they might be completely irrelevant.